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Anlong Veng Photo Gallery:

Overnight Accommodation

Pol Pot's Grave

Sign for Pol Pots Grave. Left - Escarpment.

Planting Rice


Reflections -Ta Moks flooded lakeReflections -Ta Moks flooded lake
Ta Mok's Flooded lake, Anlong Veng

Anlong Veng ledge.

View from Dangrek Escarpment, Anlong Veng.

On the way to Anlong Veng

Dangrek Escarpment, Anlong Veng ..

Mountain Camp - Anlong Veng.

Anlong Veng.

Flooded land near Ta Mok's Vila

A quick recap at Ta Mok's Villa.

Bunker in Anlong Veng.

Pol Pot's Cremation Spot, grave - 2001.

KR Checkpoint - 2001.

Paul with ex-KR soldiers, Dangrek escarpment.

Visiting with some of the local army.





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