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Anlong Veng 
Through the Cambodian countryside, into little villages, through forested areas and rural Cambodia this is a very interesting ride and even a more interesting destination... [more]


Banteay Chhmar 
This enormous complex, which was a temple city, is one of the most intriguing in the Khmer empire, both for it’s scale and it’s remote location. Never excavated, Banteay Chhmar fits the picture of a lost Khmer city with its ruined face-towers, carvings, forest surroundings and bird life flying through the temple...

Koh Ker
Also known as Chok Gargyar, this single pyramid temple dates from the late 9th to mid 12th centuries.
A trip to Koh Ker brings you deep into the Cambodian countryside and way back in time... [more]

Prasat Preah Vihear
More than 200 kms north of Siem Reap on the Cambodian side of the Khmer/Thai border, Prasat Preah Vihear occupies probably the most magnificent site of any Khmer temple and contains some of the most stunning carvings.... [more]

Prasat Bakan or The Great Preah Khan Temple of Kampong Svai. Hidden Cambodia's most remote temple -  mystical, atmospheric, truly an amazing complex, an interesting journey and overnight location .... [more]



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