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Terms and Conditions for Dirt Bike Tours with

Hidden Cambodia

General No other operator will give this level of support, attention, detail and logistics to get you there and back, Established in 2001,  we  are the first resident, all year dirt  bike tour operator in the country and are a registered limited company.  The first and still the best, now 17 years in business. Throughout the year, various routes are more possible than others and we include a selection of tours for you to look at. All tours are tailored and suited to the riders  so easy  to extreme are possible.

However, what we need most to start planning is your start dates, number of days riding, no of riders,  and your skills... we can advise the route.

The HCAT approach to all adventures in Cambodia is very safety-oriented to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible. Each of our tours is tailored to suit the skill levels of the group. See destination information and photos also. We plan trips throughout the country  including Sihanoukville Ratannakiri, Modulkiri and the Cardamom mountains  and can start in Phnom Penh  or Siem Reap . Check the hot dates for what's going on

Half Day Tours all year round - $70 when two or more riders including all transfers,  250 CC Honda XR , gas, experienced English speaking guide,  all protective equipment, water  and snacks.   $90 when only one rider. Learners : Add another $7 per person for additional staff to transfer to a training area, to support riders with instruction  until they are on their way. 7.45am to 12 noon & 1.15pm to 5.15pm 

All-inclusive One Day Dirt Bike Tours all year round - $110.00 .   8am to 4.30pm.      Including all transfers,  250 CC Honda XR , gas, experienced English speaking guide,  all protective equipment, water  and snacks.   Learners : Add another $7 per person for additional staff to transfer to a training area, to support riders with instruction  until they are on their way. Temples: Add $20 for Kulen Mountain ticket or $5.00 for Beng Melea Temple if wish to visit . 

All-inclusive Multi Day Tours Price List   for tours starting in June 2017 to Nov 1  2018  (excluding  November  1-30 , 2017 and  December 21, 2017  to January 31,  2018 &  Nov 2018)    $180 per person per rider per day when there is two or more travelling                $200 per person per day when is there is one rider only.  Remember ...all food is included -  this adds up if looking at another price option . November1-30,  2017 & Dec  21 to  Jan 31st, 2018, Nov  2018   - $195 per person per rider per day when there is two or more travelling,  $205 when only one rider   

All-inclusive Multi Day Tours  excluding food for tours starting in June 2017 to Nov 1,  2018  excluding  November  1-30 , 2017,   December 21, 2017  to January 31,  2018, Nov 18)    $150per person per rider per day when there is two or more travelling  $180 per person per day when is there is one rider only. November  1-30 , 2017 and  December 21, 2017  to January 31,  2018, Nov 2018 $150 per person per rider per day when there is two or more travelling                $180 per person per day when is there is one rider only.

Guide with  bike and guest bike only for Multi Day Tours ( 2 days 3 days 4 days +)     $150  for 1 rider , $125  for  2 riders , $110 for 3 , 4 and 5 riders. $100  per person per day  for six or more riders. Additional support   mechanic/tour leader will ride  with  4 guests or more, 

Rent a motorbike and  an experienced guide with  bike for the day:                       $35  -  Honda 250 CC  XR  &   guide with bike $105 ,  If wish to have a second guide/mechanic,  add $100.

Rent a motorbike and  an experienced guide for the overnight trip.                            250 CC XR $35  per person and  guide with bike $150

Other bikes for daily rental                     

Honda XR400  - $60     Yamaha WR250/ Honda CRF250  - $90    

                   Yamaha WR450/ Honda CRF450  - $100   

Rental  and Self -Guided possible with GPS  to  responsible, long erm experienced riders   with a pre made route


  Best value,  Fully inclusive |Multi - day Overnight package price per day includes:

Motorcycle use, -  Honda  XR 250 CC electric start. All gas throughout trip

Three meals a day ,  snacks excluding dinner & accom last day and breakfast first day. Iced water with meals and water throughout


Tour leader and expert guides- not only experienced in dirt bike terrains & routes,  but on  remote temples, local culture, customs ancient and recent history, current affairs.

Sharing accommodation , Our own Eco lodge in Koh Ker temple,  home stays,  hotels and guesthouses included

               A sweeper /mechanic        (second support guide/rider) following behind groups to sandwich groups to  ensure guest safety

Free Helmet & jersey, motocross  boots and pants,  gloves, protective knee elbow and  rooster to all riders.            

Any local fees such as road charges, toils & levies, or any security requirements needed while on a "normal" tour
Minor repairs to the bikes eg. clutch cable, breaks, tubes, Also included, where necessary, local guides, baggage handlers, additional  vehicles or others where required.
 All equipment is available for jungle camps ( cooks,  tents, hammocks,  security, etc)   and can be arranged if requested eg at an extra charge. Siem  Reap base office contact and travel services while on tour if required
Refreshments in Hidden Cambodia base Office prior and following a tour. Luggage Storage facilities while on tour
Upgrade  bike within the  package

Honda XR 400 upgrade - $40

         Yamaha WR250F/Honda CRF250 upgrade - $50

WR450F/CRF450 upgrade - $70

Add $15 single room supplement

Cost for support vehicle  $185 per day

Famous travelling cook with large boxes of meat for home stays - no extra charge

Please note:

Upgraded accommodation can be priced in  - Casinos, luxury hotels  with  pools and resorts. Mostly everything possible,..with planning! $10 extra charge for gas per day for experienced riders travelling long distances  at top speed - over 200kms a day ( not the norm) .

Please note:  Please use the following as a guide as prices may be lower or higher at any particular time.  There are no refunds for any unused services of the tour. Tour prices are subject to change without notice. All quoted prices and payments are in US American dollars. All tour balances are prepaid in USD cash on arrival in Siem Reap.

Prices do not include: Airfare to your start location, hotel accommodations before the trip begins or after the trip concludes, wine, beer, mixed or soft drinks, hotel incidentals, water not with meals, travel protection or medical insurance and entrance to the temples.

Bookings: By email Before making a final booking, guests normally exchange a number of e-mails to establish exactly what their requirements and preferences are. We ask for riders to fill out a riders background form prior to booking. Most groups and individuals are booking more than 4 to 6 months out. Vital information is  your dates,  numbers in the group, how many days and rider experience. We are happy to join up like skilled individual riders for tours also.

By phone: Call on arriving  in Asia, Cambodia or Siem Reap but we cannot guarantee availability. Call in to our base for additional information.

Day Tours:  Full one day tours including , gas,  bike,  tour leader, and associated road levies are priced at $110 per person. For beginners to experienced.  Excluding temple entry and lunch.

The Bikes: a selection of XR250CC  , XR400,  WR250

Note : We own and maintain all our own  bikes in our dirt bike shop, 15 in total at any one time. The bikes have been prepared carefully for the trip,  fitted with good tires and checked over. A lot of you  are riding higher end bikes back home and finished with  these a few years ago but these are the best fit for here.. solid,  dependable and for those that think you are good - it can be quiet difficult to stay on!

Our tour leaders acts as your guides, mechanics, advisors, translator and many other roles all in one.  HCDB team transports all equipment with them to carry out minor repairs and spares, if needed, while on tour. We have additional Hidden Cambodia reps,  sweepers & support staff  (cooks, mechanics, security) that travel with larger groups to assist at no additional cost.

Support Vehicle: We have an accompanying 4WD if riders do not want to carry anything with them on the bikes on their backs.   Cost for support vehicle is  $185 per day for vehicle,  the cost being divided between the number of riders. This support vehicle will carry cold boxes of pre ordered beer, water,  food for remote camp outs in remote locations if needed and all luggage.                                                     

Equipment: If you have your gear, best to bring it especially goggles knee & elbow protectors but we have equipment here for guests use . The pros come in with all their own gear. We are happy to store luggage for people in the base house while they are on tour. 

Pillion passengers not ideal but they pay only a charge for their expenses if travelling on the back of their partner’s bike.  Guests can also ride on the back or one of our guides but pay the rate of a dirt bike tour rider.

The routes matched to the riders: They vary. Some more difficult challenging routes can be classed as Enduro and with a combo of Motocross. These routes are usually 5 to  7 day rides and are for  experienced riders, those who ride/race regularly at home and for whom riding is a major sport, hobby, major interest,  life passion. Have all the gear and gadgets. Looking for new wide open ground which is difficult or next to impossible to get at home. Add to that a remote and difficult route that could have either sand (powder) or mud (a special Cambodian consistency) or both depending on what time you are in and where you ride.  

Routes also for those that... ride at home, have their own bike/bikes, will buy a bike, want to fine tune their skills, happy to ride for five to 7 days, interested to see the culture and ride at the same time or those  not in any big hurry. Medium to Good riders. May have done a lot of dirt or may have done years of black top road before and some dirt. Able to control their speed. Inclines, bridges, hard ground, medium dirt road, some bumps,  some sand,  some mud ok

Routes for those that have not been on a bike for a few years but after one day they are back into it, interested in a nice pace, regular stops, meet the people.

Routes that have fairly flat dirt road all the way!

Routes for first time riders/learners- hand picked for them to practice their newly learned skills.

Dirt Bike Groups:
We can cater for up to 21 riders in addition to our own team that travels with the group. We offer discounts for groups of 6 or more and tailor make complete packages that include everything -  hotels, airport  transfers, , Angkor , city  & cultural tours  tours throughout the country, anything you need  before and after the tour. We also pick up in Bangkok and all borders.
  The Hidden Cambodia Adventure Tour office supports these logistics.

Deposit, Cancellation and Refunds: When a firm booking is made, a deposit is required to be paid into Hidden Cambodia’s Business bank account in Cambodia  ( ANZ Bank)  or by a deposit to PayPal for small deposits.  We do not require deposits for all tours. Trips and tours booked within a short time frame before the date of departure and involving small numbers can be held for adventure travellers without a deposit.

Deposits are 30-50% of the total trip cost. In the event of a tour cancellation, 60 days prior to departure this event, the entire deposit is fully refundable. Cancellations made less than 60 days prior to departure date will result in the forfeiture of the full reservation deposit.   In the event of a cancellation, we are happy to move the same booking to an alternative date if both parties can accommodate a change in dates. HCAT cannot offer any refund once a tour has commenced. 30% is for smaller tours such as day trips.


Final payment on arrival :In US Dollars/ cash on arrival.


Motorcycle Damage Deposit: Please note that all normal wear and tear of the bikes is included in the tour price and your bikes will be cleaned and serviced as required. However, to deal with potential significant damages to the bike, we require that every rider lodge a Refundable Motorcycle Damage Deposit of $200 prior to starting our tours . This deposit covers all damages other than normal wear and tear. Any damages will be deducted from this deposit, and the balance returned to you on the final day of the tour. Guests can lodge their passport with us for the duration of the tour.

Responsibility: Hidden Cambodia Adventure Tours and its partners do not assume responsibility for bodily injury, nor for any damage or loss of any personal effects, luggage and personal belongings, personal injury, accidents and illness.  Hidden Cambodia Adventure Tours reserves the right to alter the itinerary at any time for the convenient operation of the tour, dates of departure or return, or withdraw the trip if deemed necessary at any time, for any reason.

Accommodation in Siem Reap: We have a range of hotels  that we book for our clients  that vary in terms of budget, location and strong points. For guests that book all services with us (airport transfers, accommodations, Angkor and other tours), we can offer discounted packages. See our accommodation page

Pre-trip Meeting: For all those travelling on a 3 day tour , we will meet them on their arrival in Siem Reap  before the trip departure to discuss the route and all aspects of the trip. Those undertaking a 5 day trip or more, we ask that they be in Siem Reap by 2pm the previous day to discuss the route, check bikes and complete remaining payments.  

After all of that, our tours are personalised, exciting, exceptionally good fun, and ever day, as Cambodia expands and develops, an eye opener into a way of life that has existed here for thousands of years and the new Cambodia that is emerging. Get in early. See it for yourself. People keep coming back. A trip of a lifetime.

A perfect location to ride…. South East Asia…… Cambodia

Many are interested in the temples but as always, for many bikers; it is the ride there rather than the destination that is important!

Ride Free.. Ride Safe into the Hidden Cambodia.

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