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Jan  09  - Telenor Pakistan Corporate Group - 5 days.

Paul and Sheila at Hidden Cambodia designed and seamlessly implemented a tricky itinerary for 45+ team of executives. The tour was not only mind-blowing in terms of what Siem Reap had to offer, but also in terms of how flawlessly it was executed. From visas and ticketing, to meals, transport, healthcare, camping, biking, cultural performances - everyone participating felt that they had gotten a genuine feel for this wonderful country.
More than anything else though - these are some great people, full of information, extremely helpful and they have a genuine love for life and Cambodia - there's no one better to reveal its wonders! Sophie Malik, Engage HR,  Karachie,  Pakistan.


Dec 08 - Angkor and rural Siem Reap province.We had a great trip to Siem Reap.  I thought our itinerary was perfect-we did everything I wanted to do and the order was just right.  The lake and our drive to the Koh Kher were highlights.  It was a great way to see more than the average tourist.  The walk through the fishing village when we went to the lake and the lunch in the village and our walk around the village in the countryside near Koh Kher were our favorite things.  
Yousroeun was great as was our Sunday guide (Utdom).  They were very informative, spoke great English and took very good care of us.  
Flying in on Jet Star and getting right to our touring was definitely the right thing to do.  That first Sunday, we saw four temples on Sunday and there were very little tourists, traffic, etc.  It was our best day.  My daughter was taking photographs with NO people in them!  And we appreciated that when the rest of the week when we saw the big crowds the rest of the week.  Also Bayon at sunrise and sunset is great as again, they aren't very crowded.
You have a great service Sheila.  The only 'bad' thing is the cost. In a country where most people are making $1/day, paying over $600 for a tour felt expensive.  Your charges were higher than our air fare and more than our hotel.  BUT...we did things only a good tour company could arrange and the excursions were special and different.  And if I was the average tourist, coming from a long distance, I would be comforted at knowing a good tour company was taking care of my needs in such a far away place.   I will be recommending your company to anyone who asks.  Anna Stocking, Singapore 

Aug 07 - 4WD to Koh Ker Temple. We had a great time at Koh Ker - the temple is amazing and we spent an hour with the small Koh Ker village families - even sat on the great  grandmothers  balcony with the whole town around us playing a strange form of  Charades. It was magical. Yvette Elliott,  Australia.
                                                                                                                                                                             Feb 22, 05 - 3 Day Dirt Bike, Along Veng and Anset, Thai/Khmer Border. Distance does not fade the beautiful memories of my time in Cambodia. Time will not fade the memories of my adventure with Hidden Cambodia Adventure Tours. It was an exceptional experience. The friendly faces, the dusty roads, the extraordinary temples, the exceptional riding, will forever remain in some corner of my mind beckoning me back to my friends in Cambodia. Robert Thomas, Alaska and US.

Feb 04 I just returned from a Cambodia dirt bike trip out of Siem Reap.  The trip is led by Paul, a Cambodian, half owner of Hidden Cambodia; Sheila the other half.  These are great people to share views with.   If you're interested in ox cart and foot trails into remote regions, this was an  absolute blast not only for the challenges on the bikes, but the cultural experiences away from the population centers.  The Cambodian people are wonderful, in spite of their horrendous history, and politely curious.  The scenes left imprinted in my memory are some of the richest I've had. Jim Phelan, US & Malaysia, 
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