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Trekking, Walking & Cycling Tours



We now also have a number of established walks and treks for those who want to take in every detail, experience the countryside at a much slower place and have flexibility as they go.

  I day Kulen Mountain & National Park walking/Trekking Tour
Duration: 1 day  
Tour  Summary

Trek into Kulen Mountain, an ancient holy mountain located 60 kms away and an hour’s travel by car outside of Siem Reap. This mountain location was the beginning of the Angkor period as Jayavarman II and offers a day close to nature and its marvels. Expected kms:  14kms

  This mountain location was the beginning of the Angkor period as Jayavarman II proclaimed himself a God King and independence for Java in 802 and settled his capital at this site. We start an hours walk / trek to the summit on the east side with a stop half way at one of the ancient monasteries on the mountain. Once arriving at the summit, we explore some small villages there on the plateau and with a specialized guide, find some small temples ruins such as the terrace of Sam Dac Kim King.  We have a packed picnic lunch  eaten beside a carved riverbed and afterwards visit another small market where locals sell herbal remedies and trinkets.  

We climb up the steps to see a massive reclining Buda, 8 meters in length, carved out of stone in the 16th century called Preah Ang Thom and explore the small wat with very revered monks. The 4WD vehicle, which dropped us at the eastern base side of the mountain now recollects us on the other side of the plateau, in the shade of (short video)

  beautiful waterfalls with carved riverbeds. We begin our decent to the base of the mountain here by vehicle and return to Hidden Cambodia for a cold beer.                                          

Including 4WD air-conditioned Monterro vehicle or minibus, all transport costs, entry into Kulen mountain & associated temples,  lunch , light beverages, road payments, levies and entry in Kulen National Park and surrounding temples, English speaking Hidden Cambodia  Guide, local guides and attaches.   Price per person: 1 pax - $248, 2 pax - $169 per person,  3 pax -$125 per person, 4 pax - $105 per person, By minibus: 5 - 8 pax,  $85 - $95 per person, 9 - 14 pax, $60 - $75 per person. Larger groups possible.


Half day trek - Phnom Bok Mountain Phnom Bok -  a steep hill with a flat summit 20kms outside Angkor complex. It contains ivy clad sandstone temples dating from the 9th century & spectacular views. Once occupied by the KR & still maintained by the army as a post, one can see oiled rotary machine guns and other relics of a war gone by.  Half day tour inclusive of transport, driver/guide - 3 pax -  $30 per person, 2 pax  - $45 per person. Must have Angkor pass


Cycling Tours


Hidden Cambodia Cycling Adventures provides travel and logistical support to group of cyclists traveling through the country,  from one end to another . Based in Siem Reap, located next to the magnificent ancient Angkor temples. We offer guided, multi-day cycling tours ,  meeting guests



of arrival or in Siem Reap. Tours are tailor made or for those simply just wishing to have a day or more out in the countryside with their bicycles. Drop a line and let us know your plans.

Walking tours

Walking tour of Koh Ker Temple complex and the surrounding rural villages.

Duration 1 day  

Spend a day walking and exploring the temple complex of Koh Ker Temple, 10th century capital and the surrounding villages located 160 kms away. Walk between 3/4 kms between rural villages, visit small communities, though beautiful countryside, stunning scenery and villages who exist in the shadow of this temple.  Expected Kms:  15kms.


Including 4WD air-conditioned Monterro vehicle, all transport costs, entry into Beng Melea temple, barbequed lunch with traveling support cook to cook lunch at Koh Ker, snacks, light beverages, road payments, levies and entry in to Koh Ker and surrounding temples, English speaking Hidden Cambodia Guide, local guide and guides from Koh Ker area to tour there.

Price per person 1 pax - $235, 2 pax - $140 ea, 3 pax -$115 ea, 4 pax - $99 ea,  by minibus 5 - 8 pax,  $80 - $95 ea & 9 - 14 pax,  $75 ea . Groups of up to 30 persons can be catered for.




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