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Hidden Cambodia Photo Gallery:

8 day trip -  North East Trip, November 04

Jan 22nd, 05. 7 day trip - Experienced Riders Week

Jan 5th to 11th, 05  Anlong Veng

Jan 11th, 05.  5 day trip, back at base

Elin Paul Pontus & Joan, April 11th 05

April 04 - Aussies from Singapore

Nov 04 Crossing Mekong, East loop

Camping & barbeque, Bakan Temple, Jan 05
Tim McCoy, US and Australian Group, Aug 04
Norwegian group, Jeep April 05

Rod, Rod, Damien & Simon, Aug 04

Chris, CA,Aug 03 - Jeep trip to Kulen Mt.

Good  road, Typical day trip

Left to right :Buds trip, Feb 05

Tim Mc Coy, USA  Aug 04  Above  Faith Bothma, South A, Feb  04

           Forest Speed, old road/way to Koh Ker

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