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Bringing you to the heart of Cambodia

4WD Adventure Tour

4WD 14 Prasat Bakan, Tbeng Meanchey, Preah Vihear, Anlong Veng
Duration: 5 days, 4 nights

Average travel per day of 5/6 hours, Prasat Bakan is quiet remote, very basic accommodation but comfortable. Preah Vihear has a shared bathroom. This is a once in a lifetime trip and sometime welcomes outweighs facilities in these tow locations. Good otherwise. Food good throughout. Steep incline to Preah Vihear Mountain and a lesser one to the Dangrek escarpment. Road bumpy to Bakan.    

Tour Summary:

For those of you that are short on time, this tour offers a medium challenge road. A taste of a glorious past in these two magnificent Angkorian complexes, an fantastic opportunity to visit remote villages, the lively provincial capital of Preah Vihear and a chance to gain greater insights in to the borders of Cambodia and the people who live there. . Low exertion with the best comforts possible with adventure travel.

Day 1:


Depart Siem Reap and travel to Bakan via Stoung. Numerous stops along the road at small villages and turns in the road. Late afternoon arrival at the crossroads in Ta Seng Village to visit with locals. Travel 5km to visit this massive temple complex of Bakan.  Sleep in a cabana located at Bakan Temple in hammocks accompanied by staff from the temples, a stunning location for a campfire. Alternatively stay possible in a basic family wooden house in the village of Ta Seng. No toilet facilities in either, limited cold shower facilities.  All supplies send from HC base will allow for a fantastic barbeque dinner and breakfast in either location
Day 2:





Visit the expansive water reservoir or on the other side of Ta Seng and Prasat Domri, the elephant temple. Tour to a number of other temples in the area. Depart Bakan for Tbeng Meanchey. Through the small town of Svay and then on the new expansive but dug up road to Tbeng Meanchey. Stunning scenery and forested land along this road. Great accommodation and choice of restaurants available in this lively capital town of Preah Vihear province.  Opportunity to explore the market and some interesting local NGO projects.
Day 3 Travel on to Preah Vihear temple. Travel up the steep incline to Preah Vihear at the base of the mountain to the top of Preah Vihear. Overnight in very basic but welcoming guesthouse in the village, at the base of temple on the mountain. Basic accommodation, shared toilet and bucket shower. Best available at this time. Guest’s can explore the temples prior to sunset and again for sunrise, if wished. The small market is a lively location as a result of the new Thai/Khmer border being open for visitors from Thailand once again and the active community that live there.  
Day 4


Wander through the small market of Preah Vihear, selling a huge selection of luxury goods. Walk 10 minutes across no mans land and into Thailand to eat a tasty breakfast in a small restaurant. Return to Preah Vihear, pack up and return to base of Preah Vihear Mountain to depart for Anlong Veng. Enjoy an excellent lunch in Anlong Veng town before driving up the escarpment. Pol Pot lived here during his last years and died in his jungle hide out on the mountain in 1998. Tour of the mountain, Pol Pots grave and bunker and the remains of the house he was tried in, visit with local people, dinner and over night in a spectacular mountain camp in comfortable wooden bungalows or  a local guests house in Anlon Veng town.

Day 5


Following a hearty breakfast and a tour of Ta Mok’s Villa in the town of Anlong Veng. Depart for Siem Reap with numerous stops and detours, notably Serai Noi, meaning Little Women, the half waypoint between Anlong and Siem Reap. Back in Siem Reap before sunset and in good time for a celebration dinner and some refreshments.  
Accom:  Camp with hammocks and mattress in Bakan, hotel in Tbeng Meanchey,  capital of Preah Vihear province, guesthouses in Preah Vihear and Anlong Veng.

No problems. Good food throughout.

Inclusive of:






Exclusive of:

This 5 day,  4 night 4WD adventure trip includes an experienced driver and 4WD air conditioned vehicle, (Monterro or Land Cruiser vehicle), all transport costs and transfers, refreshments in Hidden Cambodia base prior to and following the adventure tour, entry and tour of Prasat Bakan and surrounding temples, Preah Vihear temple, the Dangrek Escarpment and mountain  & Ta Mok’s residence, entry into Prasat Preah Vihear, all overnight accommodation, 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches,4  dinners, water, snacks, road payments &  levies,  English speaking HC Guide, local guides where necessary &  baggage handlers, additional military vehicles if needed.

Alcoholic beverages, mixed or soft drinks, hotel incidentals such as phone calls or laundry & travel protection insurance.


US$ 1,375 for one person traveling, US$ 950 per person when two persons        traveling, US $750 per  person when 3 persons traveling, US$ 690 per person          when four persons traveling.

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