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Bringing you to the heart of Cambodia

4WD Adventure Tour

4WD 7 Beng Melea, Koh Ker  & Preah Vihear temples plus  & Anlong Veng  - Our most popular 4WD tour
Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

Unpaved flat easy road to Beng Melea and onto the ancient tenth century capital of the Khmer Empire, Koh Ker complex, only 2.5 hours way from Siem Reap. Overnight and explore the village of Koh Ker, based in the shadow of the temple. Second day travel to  Preah Vihear, temple in the sky. Day 3, time on the way back to get an overview of Anlong Veng. Road conditions have never been so good.    

Tour Summary:

For those of you that are short on time, this tour offers a low to medium challenge road and excellent jewel destinations. Low exertion with the best comfort possible for adventure travelers.

Day 1:




8am Depart through Angkor complex to begin the two hour journey to Koh Ker temple. This was the ancient 10-century capital of the Khmer Empire, over 150 km away, deep in the jungle.  Guests travel through the Angkor Wat complex through the countryside, small villages, local wats and to  Beng Melea temple. Tour of Beng Melea Temple, thought to be the pro type for Angkor Wat and situated on the old Angkorian highway that connect t o the Great Phreah Khan of Kampong Svay. It has over 11 galleries and is filled with hanging ferns and butterflies – just what you imagine you would find in Cambodia!

Continue on to Svay Leu, 15kms away from Beng Melea to visit their small market. This marks the last location of a large village and a crossroads market and a possible stop for a quick coffee Guests travel on a flat road to Koh Ker through pristine forest and scatted houses to reach the small town of Seyiong. Koh Ker complex is located 7 kms away from here, a total of 118 temples in total. As we travel to Koh Ker,  our guide will explain Kulen Mountain as we pass by the base of it, the complex of Koh Ker and its place in the ancient Cambodia empire, the number of temples to be found , the related symbolism and its history to date, including the French explorers, during the Khmer Rouge period to its present day protection under Apsara Authority, other wise know as the “ Key to Angkor” .  Guests start their tour of  Koh Ker with the palaces before entering and standing in front of Prasat Thom, the massive pyramid. Travel onwards by car the visit Prasat 5 (5 Temple), Prasat Chen (Chinese Temple) Prasat Kamou (Black Temple), Lingapura – the City of the Lingas. During this time the “Elephant temple” and the Oil of the well temple must be covered as priority before the others.

Lunch at Hidden Cambodia Koh Ker Eco Lodge prepared by Ms. Choen, the cook who accompanies the trip. Return to explore more temples in the afternoon and again a delicious evening meal prepared at Hidden Cambodia Lodge.   Overnight at lodge, With a population of 75 families, the lodge is in the center of this ancient village.  Facilities are basic but comfortable and allow for a rare opportunity to sleep in  untouched village. View of Koh Ker temple from the rooms with private balcony. Bathroom and shower are outside and down a stairs!.

Day 2:


Following a hearty breakfast, walk through Koh Ker Village and explain the houses, the community structure, the agri practices,   the hunting tradition, the school, the history of the village and Hidden Cambodia's humanitarian projects based here for the last five years (well building,  water filter distribution, Angkor Children’s hospital.). We will will have time to explore more temples in the complex and more remote villages in the area. Optional : walking tour to see wells completed by Hidden Cambodia, 4 in total  in Koh ker & Phum Thmei .

Depart for Preah Vihear. Located on a cliff, on mountain, this complex has consecutive temples, built over the ninth to the 12 century, that lead to a final ledge and commands stunning views - a temple for the Gods. Awarded UNESCO heritage site this year, Preah Vihear continues to draw those interested in seeing one of the jewels of Cambodia. At the base of the  mountain there is a small community of families who run the busy market, our resting spot. We stay with a prominent local family in the village. Facilities are basic - shared bathroom, thin mattresses but welcoming.

Day 3:

Sunrise for those that wish at 5.30am! Time to explore the small market village where many trades and skills are represented - the gold maker, the tailor, the watch maker. Learn about the life of the community here, perched beside this amazing temple in the sky and their commercial activities along the border area, market days, etc. 

Full days return trip to Siem Reap with numerous stops and lunch in Anlong Veng. If time allows, tour of the historic locations here. The 120km journey passes through Kulen Prum Tep Wildlife Sanctuary. Back in Siem Reap before sunset and in good time for a celebration dinner and some refreshments.

Note: possible only if time - Travel 16kms outside town to drive up the Dangrek escarpment.  Tour of the mountain to include Pol Pots cremation location, Pol Pots bunker. A stop at the Head of Development’s house, a military man and his family, a beautiful location with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Return to the base of the mountain and return to Siem Reap. Otherwise Visit Ta Mok’s Villa, a museum now and also the last head office of the Khmer Rouge.

Back in Siem Reap before sunset and in good time for a celebration dinner and some refreshments.


Koh Ker Eco Lodge in Koh Ker Village, a tradition wooden stilted house  and a local guest house, on the Dangrek Moutains, at the base of  Preah Vihear temple.


No problems. Own cook in Koh Ker, great food in Preah Vihear, excellent lunch in Anlong Veng .

Inclusive of:





Exclusive of:

This 3 day, 2 night 4WD adventure trip includes an experienced driver and 4WD air conditioned vehicle, (Monterro or Land Cruiser vehicle), English speaking HC Guide, all transport costs and transfers, refreshments in Hidden Cambodia base prior to and following the adventure tour, entry and tour of Beng Melea, Koh Ker complex , Preah Vihear temple and the Dangrek Escarpment if time allowing, 2 nights accommodation in total in Koh Ker and Preah Vihear, 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, water, snacks, road payments & levies,  local guides where necessary, baggage handlers, additional military vehicles where required, any local fees such as road levies, charges and toils, local and tourist police, security escorts. .
Alcoholic beverages, mixed or soft drinks, hotel incidentals such as phone calls or laundry & travel protection insurance.


US$ 890 for one person travelling, US$ 520 per person when two persons travelling,                    US $355 per person when 3 persons travelling, US$ 300 per person when four persons traveling.

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